Kirkyard: Before and After

Headstone Repair and Maintenance

Gravel chips now in place

Gravel chips now in place

Understandably through time many of the headstones have suffered from the elements.

Originally 5 key headstones were identified for specialist cleaning and repair.

  • Reverend Thomas Hunter, Reverend James Young, William Arthur, Ivie Campbell and the Hyslop of Blackcraig and Bank Lair

During the work on the Soldiers trail we also identified four headstones that required to be re-set in new foundations

  • William Sloan, Walter Scott Murphy, Archibald McKenzie and Robert Paterson

Statutory Declaration

The New Cumnock Liaison Group have issued Statutory Declarations to enable the remedial work to be carried out.

‘We, New Cumnock Liaison Group wish to have the above lairs transferred to us to allow for remedial works to be carried out on existing headstones on the above lairs and therefore desire that memorial rights are granted to allow this.  If anyone with an equal or better claim become known to us then joint / full ownership will be granted to them.  We hereby Indemnify East Ayrshire Council of any liability in this matter or arising therefrom.’

If you are a descendant of any of these families that have helped shaped the history of New Cumnock we would be delighted to hear from you.

Auld Kirkyard Gates

The existing Auld Kirkyard gates were replaced with magnificent new ones

New Gates at the Auld Kirkyard

New Gates at the Auld Kirkyard

Auld Kirkyard Maintenance

The New Cumnock Liaison Group will work in partnership with East Ayrshire Council to form and implement an on-going maintenance programme.

Any volunteers wishing to support the NCLG in this activity will be gratefully appreciated and warmly welcomed.

All activities within the Auld Kirkyard will be conducted under the auspices of East Ayrshire Council and be supported with the appropriate risk assessments.