August 23 | Saturday

Next day wis the day we named the car.
Henry wis a’ that we’d ca’d him sae far;
But we a’ agreed he was ‘wundebar’
An’ gey prood o’ him we were
So, behold our choice for ‘Horse o’ the Year’ –
Sir Mortimer.

‘Twas dry as we set oot fur hame,
An’ aince mair ower the Duke’s Road came.
This time a photo or twa were ta’en,
Indeed oor last ane,
The Rob Roy Roadhouse, o’ wide spread fame,
We saw in the passin’.

Strathblane, Milngavie, Bearsden we passed,
An’ busy Glasgow reached at last.
We made for the Broomielaw jist as fast
As things permitted.
Scotland’s city most dirty, most vast
We gladly quitted.

Oor horse’s heid’s for hame by this,
But feedin’ time we canna miss.
We turn him oot o’ the main road swish
O’ cars an’ buggies;
We eat an’then without much fuss
Sort oot oor luggage.

Back on the Fenwick Moor we run;
Kilmarnock, Mauchline, weel ken’t gr’un’
Thinkin’, nae doot, o’ a’ the fun
We’d hae in tellin
O’ oor adventures, though on some
We’ll no’ be dwellin’.

The Howford, Auchinleck. We see
The brother James of Betty T.
Oot through the Square glides JAG
An’ up the brae.
New Cumnock ahoy! Wha’s B. an’ B.
Will we sample there.

Noo the unloadin’ has tae start;
Wi’ Jessie at Castlegrove we part;
Glendyne sees Phae hop oot o’ the cairt
Then tae the Coupla we came
Sir Mortimer an’ Betty remain in that airt
An’ wi’ Billy I gae hame.

Sae noo we’re back whaue we began,
Thankfu’ that intae nae trouble we ran;
Thrilled wi’ oor trip on every han’
An’ a’body sayin’
“If we’re spared an; if we possibly can,
Let’s dae it again!!”

Journal Extract

Distance Today: 90 miles
Distance Total: 1369 miles

Home about 3 p.m. Elsie at window. Dropped J. at Castlegrove . Stopped at Glendyne  and unloaded. Took B. home. Billy followed in FAG 855 and I drove home – felt very strange.

Routes and Mileage

Day Route Mileage
August 12 New Cumnock – Fort William 168 miles
August 13 Fort William – Dornie 90 miles
August 14 Dornie – Portree 70 miles
August 15 Portree- Breakish 120 miles
August 16 Breakish – Gairloch 85 miles
August 17 Gairloch -Torridon – Gairloch 75 miles
August 18 Gairloch -Scourie 108 miles
August 19 Scourie – Dornoch 175 miles
August 20 Dornoch – Port Gordon 155 miles
August 21 Port Gordon – Pitlochry 128 miles
August 22 Pitlochry – Callander 105 miles
August 23 Callander – New Cumnock 90miles
1369 miles

Highland Holiday
August 12 August 13 August 14 August 15
August 16 August 17 August 18 August 19
August 20 August 21 August 22 August 23