Research Resources

We will use these pages to record resources that can be use to help in the research into local history.

2 thoughts on “Research Resources

  1. Jan bateman, SLHF

    We’d like to invite your organisation to submit a profile to a new free online directory of Scottish local history collections and resources, hosted by the Scottish Local History Forum and developed in collaboration with National Library of Scotland and LocScot. The Directory aims to provide information to the public on organisations, museums, archives, libraries, family and local history societies, public and privately held collections and online resources for the whole of Scotland. If your organisation accepts enquiries from the public, please do create a profile – local history knowledge is an invaluable resource too!

    Go to


    1. flowgently Post author

      Hello Jan, I operate the New Cumnock Heritage and New Cumnock History web-sites as an individual and not as a member of an organisation. So I’m not sure if you wish me to register under these circumstances. I do where I can try to respond to enquiries for the public.

      kind regards
      Bobby Guthrie


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