Ivie Campbell

The family tree of Ivie Campbell spreads to Canadian John McCrae of ‘In Flanders Field’ fame and to New Cumnock’s own Sir Tom Hunter


Ivie Campbell

Ivie Campbell


Ivie Campbell

Ivie Campbell


9 Responses to Ivie Campbell

  1. Viv and Neil Harris says:

    We will be visiting Ivie & Margaret in October this year from Australia and want to thank the children of New Cumnock Primary School and the volunteers for restoring my husbands great great great great great grandfathers headstone. My husband was the last of the Rowans in Australia to visit Dalgig before it was destroyed and we thank Scottish Coal for sending us the farm signs which we cherish. We will be in contact with the school shortly to see if it is OK to come and talk to the children about Ivie and his Australian relatives. Neil Harris and Viv Cunningham-Smith from Victoria Australia.

    • flowgently says:

      Hello Viv and Neil, I’ll be sure to meet up with you during your trip and glad to show you round the Auld Kirkyard and New Cumnock. I’ll arrange something with the school nearer the time. all the best, Bobby

  2. James says:

    Thank you very much for restoring my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather’s memorial stone. We visited last week – quite an amazing setting. Was sorry to find that Dalgig had been demolished: my parents visited in the seventies to meet Ivie Campbell Smith and to be shown the original Ivie’s covenanter’s bible. Wonder where that has ended up.

    • flowgently says:

      Hi James, I am glad you enjoyed your visit to the Auld Kirkyard and yes Ivie’s headstone is good repair now. I recall seeing the family bible when i made my first trip to Dalgig with the history club way back in 1976. I am not sure what became of the bible. The other Covenanter relics (lock of hair and piece of woolen mitten) that are now in the Baird Institute, Cumnock. I am member of the Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association and we are in contact with Keir Mining who are creating a Covenanter Saltire as pat of the resotarion of the opencast between Dalgig and the Covenanters grave. A small cairn will also be erected on the site of Dalgig with the name of the farm on it. I have some photos of Dalgig before it’s demolition and would be happy to e-mail them of you wished. all the best, Bobby Guthrie

  3. NEIL Campbell Smith says:

    Hi there my name is NEIL Campbell Smith and I am a direct descendant of Ivie Campbell Smith of Dalgig Farm . My grand father was Ivie Smith and my great grandfather was Ivie Smith all of Dalgig farm New Cumnock and i also lived at Dalgig farm unil the late 1980’s the last of the e Campbell’s to actually live there prior to opencast and would like to meet any other distant or direct relatives connected to the farm.

    • Anne Barker says:

      Hi Neil, were you at the meeting of some of Ivie Campbell’s descendants at The Crown Hotel a few years ago? I was there with my mum. We are descendants of Isabella Campbell, daughter of the first Ivie and Margaret Dunbar, who became Mrs Graham. Anne Barker, Cumnock.

  4. Ken Lees says:

    Whilst researching our family I have stumbled across this account of the Campbells and I think I have established the connection. I have a few questions that I would like to ask the writer/researcher of this family. Would it be possible for him/her to contact me?

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