August 20 | Wednesday

Next day (Betty’s birthday) wis fine an’ dry
We moved off from Dornoch an’ bye an’ bye
We’d a view o’ the Dornoch Firth frae high
On Struie Hill.
Farther on, rasp canes we chanced taespy
An’ stopped wi’ a will.

After fillin’ oor beakers very fast
We made for Dingwall an’ nearly passed
The very garden Dad had asked
Us tae specially note!
A breath-taking sight, by few outclassed.
A colourful ‘shot’!

By noo we’d changed oor names (Don’t’ tell!)
Jessie wis Heather, Phae Bluebell,
Betty T Rowena, while Betty L.
In Rona rejoiced
We giggle an’ laugh at oor nicknames still,
Whenever they’re voiced.

In Strathpeffer then for a look around;
Betty an’ Jessie on familiar ground;
Then on again for Beauly bound;
Hungry – but my!
The only place for lunch we found
Was in a lay by.

We found closed shops in Inverness!
Paw Lees’s hat we couldnae trace!
Towards the east we turned oor face
By Nairn an’ Forres.
Through rain tae Elgin; we quickened the pace
O’ oor trusty Morris.

We searched in vain for B an’ B
In Fochabers, then had oot tea –
A gether-up we’d a tae agree
Frae the afternin.
In Buckie then we thocht we’d see
Whit we could fin’.

But first we came tae Norlan View –
The roadway up wad gar ye grue.
Ootside appearances, it’s true,
Are no’ the test;
Fur there we had baith comfort true
An’ food o’ the best.

‘Twas still gey early – offwe hied
Tae Buckie, whaur we sune espied
The Gerry’s hoose – nae folk inside,
Abroad were they!
We wandered along by the harbour side
Then went on oor way.

Then fishin’ ports sae snod an’ neat,
The painted hooses were a treat.
Venetian blinds! Ye’d think ae street
Vied wi’ anither
They’ve been in the Scottish Field indeed
Some time or ither.

Norlan View! That brings tae min’
A roarin’ fire at supper time,
Topped by a mantelpiece – sic a kin’
Ye never knew!
Hollow, glass-topped, lit an’ lined
Wi’ a miniature zoo.

Plants an’ figures on the stair,
The bathroom like some sea king’s lair
Light supper – a feast I do declare!
An’ the same next day –
A monstrous breakfast! An’ the tarrif there?
12/6d each to pay.

August 21 | Thursday

Journal Extract | Betty’s birthday

Distance Today: 155 miles
Distance Total: 1046 miles

Breakfast – orange juice – very suitable – toasted Betty and gave her soap. Bacon, egg, tomato. Bonar Bridge 6 gallons  29/- (£1 45p). Struie Hill – A.A. viewpoint – photographed Dornoch Firth – lovely morning. Aultnamain Inn. Gathered wild rasps, growing profusely on roadside just before we joined Alness-Dingwall Road.

No suitable lunch places – lunch in lay-by just beyond Beauly eventually – rasps , nestle’s cream. Banana. Tomato & cheese. Clotted cream & rasp jam on cream crackers.

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