August 17 | Sunday

Next mornin’ tae the kirk we gaed.
Sittin’ we sang an’ standin’ prayed,
An’ listened as the preacher said,
Time after time,
In English that was stiff an’ staid,
“Sssin iss a cri-i-ime.”

The afternoon wis spent at ease
Beside Loch Torridon’s still seas.
We pottered around feeling at peace
An’ free o’ care,
Drank tea, sang hymns and wrote P.C.s
A visit rare!

The Chalet! Folk wid think us dotty!
Methinks we shol ha’e had a phottie,
O Betty emptyin’ the — Naughty”
Hoo daur ye say it!
We slept gey weel in the oot bye bothy
An’ again we’d dae it.

August 18 | Monday

Journal Extract

Distance Today: 75 miles
Distance Total: 608 miles

Rose to wet day. Breakfast. Loaded car in rain. Too early for church so took car along road and had walk. Passed church we should have gone to and went to Gairloch Free Church – stood to pray and sat to sing. Romans 5:8

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