August 13 | Wednesday

By Spean Bridge an’ the Great Glen route
Tae Fort Augustus, whaur on foot
The monastery we viewed, then oot
In poorin’ rain.
Lunch in the car that day we took
Then off again.

Dornie’s oor scheduled port o’ ca’
An’, though the wipers whirred awa’
Glen Moriston wis “awful” braw
Wi’ it’s carpet o’ heather.
‘Twas a grand run. Naebody grumbled awa’
In spite o’ the weather

Glen Shiel, Loch Duich then tae Dornie we came
An’ Dornie Hotel wis oor hame frae hame.
We ordered high tea an’ ye couldnae blame
Us for clearin’ the lot
Then we walked an’ talked to till darkness came
An tae bed we got.

August 14 | Thursday

Journal Extract

Distance Today: 90 miles
Distance Total: 258 miles

Breakfast 8:30 am
Porridge or cornflakes
Bacon & scrambled egg or boiled egg

Flasks filled. Left 9:30 am. Dry. Bought papers . Betty T sponge for car. Stopped Spean Br. – viewed Commando Memorial. Rain

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