August 21 | Thursday

Then into Buckie, fish sent hame;
By Masstodloch an’ Rothes (again in rain);
Through Craigellachie an’ Aberlour we came
Tae Grantown-on-Spey.
Dusters were bought an’ a picture frame
Wi’ little delay.

We shopped at Kingussie an’ bought stuff tae eat;
At Newtonmore, ice cream for a treat;
We started to eat outside but were beat
By rain – fair lashin’!
Saw on tae Dalwhinnie where some decreed
We visit the station.

By Blair Atholl an’ Killiecrankie noo
We hurried on, as it wetter grew.
Pitlochry that nicht wis the end in view,
A place gey bustlin’.
Birchwood Guest House was oor igloo,
But nae Eskimoes us yind!

We washed oorsels, we dressed, we dined,
Then the Festival Theatre had tae find,
Nae bother! An’ we didna mind
The hin’maist raw
The play, Autumn Crocus, wis just oor kind
Richt oot the tap drawer.

Then back tae Birchwood, poorin’ wet;
Mr. Garriovh in the hall we met –
Wid we like a cuppa? We would you can bet
At that late hoor.
Tae the lounge his gude lady brocht it an’ left.
Some o’ us tae poor.

August 22 | Friday

Journal Extract

Distance Today: 128 miles
Distance Total: 1074 miles

Breakfast 8:30 am. Grapefruit juice. 2 eggs & 1/4 lb. bacon. Plain, floury & ‘buttery’ rolls. Brown, white bread. B. P & I buttered roll and put in our bags. Went into Buckie to Merson and Gerry  sent home haddock kippers.

Pitlochry – very busy.  B&B in Birchwood Guest House  – 2 beds in private sitting room. Booked seats at Festival Theatre. Dinner  Cream soup. Steak pie / peas / potatoes. Apple turnover or trifle. Went and saw Dodie Smith’s “Autumn Crocus” – most enjoyable. Met Mr. Garioch in hall – would we like a cup of tea – had it in lounge 11 p.m.  – Mrs. G very nice.