August 16 | Saturday

The Bungalow wis oor stoppin’ place,
An’ next morning, gey early, we j’ined the race
Tae Kyleakin, an’ there we took oor place
In the ferry queue;
Across in an hoor we took up the chase
Oor goal Strome noo.

An hoor again an’ we were ower;
(We’ve heard o’ folk wha waited fower);
Ye couldna see us then fur stour
As on we hopped
(Poetic licence!) – in less than an hoor
Fur lunch we’d stopped.

Then Achnasheen an’ Kinlochewe
By Loch Maree – My! whit a view.
Across tae Slioch! Gairloch noo
‘S oor destination.
Ae thing there pit us in a stew –

We got fixed up eventually
At Myrtlebank an’ at the Chalet,
An’ after dinin’ oot we did sally
Tae phone oor maw
Tae hear frae her whit had happened locally
Since we’d been awa’.

August 17 | Sunday

Journal Extract

Distance Today: 85 miles
Distance Total: 533 miles

Had walk through Strath to phone box – bought Glasgow Herald – Jessie saw death of her aunt – phoned Burnton (2/9d – 14p). Meant to walk along to church – but too far. Back to Myrtlebank  – sat in sitting room . Lovely fire . Cup of tea – bed.

Dinner  6/6 (32p)|Supper, B&B 16/6 (82p)

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