Reverend Thomas Hunter

Minister of the parish of New Cumnock (1705-1757).

The stone to the left is that of Thomas Hunter, Polquhirter , his grandson.


Rev Thomas Hunter

Rev Thomas Hunter


Rev Thomas Hunter

Rev Thomas Hunter

Stones cleaned

Hunter lair

Matting and stone chips laid

1 thought on “Reverend Thomas Hunter

  1. Alan P Telford

    Congratulations to the team for a great job of tidying up the kirkyard in general and for cleaning the Rev Thomas Hunter headstone in particular. Rev Thomas was my great great great great great grandfather. Thomas H of Polquhirter and Jean Kay / Key (the other headstone) had a daughter Jean who married William Orr of Harperland, Dundonald in 1794 and they migrated with several children in 1852 to Australia where they have many descendants. I live in Launceston, Tasmania.


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