Arthur Family

  • William Arthur – Farmer and great benefactor and remembered by the Arthur Memorial Church
  • John Findlay Arthur C.S.I. – Surgeon Major Indian Army


William Arthur

William Arthur


Arthur Family Lair

Arthur Family Lair

  • We have cleaned the stone, re-set the topping stone and remade the ornamental urn
  • Fixed the coping
  • Cleaned and repainted the railings
  • Laid meshing and gravel chips
Gravel chips now in place

Gravel chips now in place

Teram mesh laid with stone chips on top


Arthur family plots

David Arthur and Jane Findlay (left) and James Arthur and Jean Lennox (right)

6 thoughts on “Arthur Family

    1. flowgently Post author

      Hello Barbara, thank you for visiting. We have only recently laid stone chips on the Arthur lair and looks even better now, Are you a descendant of the Arthurs?

      1. Barbara Simmons

        Yes I am but only through marriage. I do have all of them on my Family Tree. Also have other family from New Cumnock (Lennox). Could I have your permission to add the photos to my Tree if I acknowledge they are from your site please.


      Having stumbled across this when looking up the Arthur family of New Cumnock I hope you do not mind my messaging you. My interest in the Arthur family is in the Rev. David Findlay Arthur who was minister at Banchory-Devenick Free Church from 1844. I wonder do you have any information/pictures of him.

      1. flowgently Post author

        hi Ian,
        I’m afraid I don’t have any photos of David Findlay Arthur. At the Disruption he was minister at Knox Church, Stewarton , near Kilmarnock. In the 1841 Census he is recorded as a preacher living with Findlay family Kilmarnock; probably relatives of his mother Jean Findlay.

        kind regards,

        There is quite a bit of information on him here.,%20DAVID%20FINDLAY
        He was offered the

  1. flowgently Post author

    Hello Barbara, yes please feel free to use the photos. I’ll send photos of Lennox family headstones in the Auld Kirkyard, all the best, Bobby


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