The Time Capsules

The Cavity Stone


  • The time capsule nestling neatly in the cavity stone


  • Lindsay McLounie sizes up the capsule and considers plan of attack


  • The Reverend Helen Cuthbert and McLounie family look on in anticipation


  • Lindsay lines up the angle grinder


  • The glass jar inside is revealed


  • Helen gets a closer look

Glass Jar within the Time Capsule

  • The Cumnock Chronicle and other documents come into view


  • Helen takes the lid off


The contents were carefully removed and it quickly became apparent that the jar contained items that had been placed in a time capsule in 1843 to mark the completion of the original Free Church. This capsule was discovered when the church was demolished to make way for the Arthur Memorial Church in 1912 at which time items were from that period were added to those of 1843 and sealed in a glass jar, placed within a lead container and inserted into the cavity stone.