Thomas Lisett Collection

46th Ayrshire Scouts | New Cumnock, 1960s

Tom Lisset was very proud to serve the community of New Cumnock as a Scout Leader in the 1950s/1960s. He is pictured here with Mrs. G. Collins, mother of Colonel L. G. Collins president of the Ayrshire Scouts, at the opening of the new Scout Hut.

Tom with Mrs. G. Collins, (Cumnock Chronicle)

We are very grateful that Tom, with the help of his grand-daughter Jenn, has kindly shared the following photos from his time as a Scout Leader. He hopes they bring back happy memories.

Scout Hut

There was a Scout Hut in the town, 
where we wolf cubs would settle down, 
and do our work with laughter free, 
and there as happy as can be.
Mrs Begg, Cub's Assistant

The following photos are of the original Scout hut being taken down, the foundations being prepared and the new scout hut being put back up. This began in the early 60’s with the help of an Ayr Council Grant and the hard work and dedication of the Parent Committee along with the Scouts and Girl Guides themselves.


The following photos are of the Parents Committee and Scouters; Mrs Curry, Mrs Park, & Mrs Mason and The Gang Show with the Girl Guides in the early 1960s.

Cooking Competition

The following are photos of a cooking competition held in New Cumnock in the new hut. Scouts cooked outside under the supervision of the District Commissioner. The photos show the preparing, cooking and dishing up the meals for judging before the scouts tuck into their meals and final judging.

Outing to Edinburgh Zoo

A day trip to Edinburgh Zoo.

Scout Camp | Brodick, Arran

These photos are from Annual Scout camp in Brodick, Arran. During this trip the Scouts created the aerial runway and swing by hand using rope and spars for the parents day visit. Young Harry Lisett can be seen enjoying the swing while Jim Finlay and Alex Jess enjoy the views from the top of Goat Fell.

Scout Camp | Crawfordsburn, Northern Ireland

Photos from the camp at Crawfordsburn in Northern Ireland and a visit to Belfast to witness the launch of the largest tanker at that time, the Texaco Maracaibo.


Thany you once again to Tom and his grandaughter Jenn.