Discovering our Heritage

The Auld Kirk was built in 1659 and that date has been visible on the lintel above the doorway from that time.

Lintel 1659 - East Door

Lintel 1659 – East Door

That door enters from the east, however there once was another door which saw church-goers enter from the south, but that has been blocked up for many years.

Blocked doorway

Blocked doorway

Due to overhanging ivy, this doorway was not visible from outside the kirk

Blocked up door from the outside

Blocked up door from the outside

However, with the pruning back of the ivy part of the doorway can now be seen behind one of the headstones.

Lintel Stone on South entrance

Lintel Stone on South entrance

A closer look and the lintel stone and date is clear.

Linterl Stone 1659

Lintel Stone 1659

Our wee kirk was built during turbulent times. Erected in 1659 , the year after Cromwell died and the year before Charles II was restored to the crown …. the rest as they say is history.

4 thoughts on “Discovering our Heritage

  1. Viv Cunningham-Smith and Neil Harris

    How wonderful. Our Johne Campbell of Burnton would have been living in the area with his son James being 7 years old when the Auld Kirk commenced. Probably Millhead Ochiltree. Johne later escaped the dragoons of Charles II by hiding in the hills behind Dalhanna. I wonder if Johne is buried in the Auld Kirk? I believe but cannot prove that his wife was Marione Barclay who may also be in the Auld Kirk. Viv and Neil from Oz.

  2. flowgently Post author

    Unfortunately, Viv our lair records don’t go back that far. Later Canpbells of Dalhanna certainly lie here. One of the daughters of the Rev James Young, who got a tongue-lashing fae Rabbie Burns in ‘The Kirk’s Alarm’ married a Campbell of Dalhanna and their plot is in the kirkyard.

  3. Kerrie

    Thank you for posting this. I have dug out my mum’s genealogy records and have been uploading them to the internet today. My GG grandfather was Hugh Campbell Steel of New Cumnock, who ended up in New Zealand. Once I was able to locate his parents I was then able to trace his lineage (through his maternal line) to the Johne Campbell mentioned above. It’s wonderful to be able to see pictures of the places that would have been familiar to my ancestors. Thank you very much for posting and for your explanations too.

  4. Nicky Campbell

    Hello, I’m Nicky Campbell. I live in Oklahoma. I think my paternal lineage might tie into the Family. My earliest recorded ancestor Alexander Campbell was born abt 1685 and immigrated to America before 1744. Have any descendants of this line age had DNA testing?


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