Uncovering our parish roots

StoneTimberLineLogoStone, Timber & Lime Conservation are have started the work on preserving the ruins of the Auld Kirk.

  • Removing the roots of the ivy is beginning to reveal parts of the kirk that haven’t been seen for many years.

BTJbKqCIcAAW6SB.jpg large

  • The east entrance to the old kirk with the window revealed and the top of the bell tower.


  • Stone TLC tell us this is a good example of a traditional harl finish, a technique for providing a weather-proof finish. The lime deposits in New Cumnock at both Benston and Mansfield were known its property of being able to bind under water, and used in bridge building.

BTQDv-DIgAA1HJc.jpg large



All photos courtesy of Stone TLC

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